A few of the companies we work with regularly.

Sky-Rocket is a label and publishing company comprising of partners Doris Brendel and Lee Dunham.

Doris Brendel is a musician, singer, performer and song-writer in her own right, and has a good understanding of the business. Her role is site management, artist evaluation and general administration. Skills also include video production, image and music industry consultancy.

Lee Dunham is a musician and producer with 20 years experience in live work, writing and production.

Sky-Rocket also works in conjunction with Rick Palin, who has extensive sales experience and is Director of Skyfire PR as well as Firebrand Radio and Magazine.

You can contact us on

Current Releases

Sky-Rocket does not invest in artist development - so if you are a teenager wanting to be famous please do not write to us!

We do however release a few albums for established artists, some charity singles, and distribute for a few labels and artists via our website. If you are looking for a label and wish to be considered please click here

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