The site is finally ready for Beta testing and we're looking forward to getting some feedback from our users! The domain will be migrated once this testing has been done and we'll be officially open for business once again.

May 2016

The website rebuild is finally nearly here! And it's been a long time in coming. But hopefully it'll be worth the wait.

As many of you know, the old (as this time existing) music library has outgrown it's capabilities, and technology has moved on, making it rather cumbersome. The new site hopes to address a lot of these issues. It will be:

Smart phone friendly

Better Search Engine

Individual Composer Pages

Easier Navigation

Faster loading

Room for Growth

Client Account options

And hopefully a lot more people will be using it! More news to come soon.


JUNE 2012
The site expansion is now up to date with 1500 new tracks covering all instrumental categories.
A new addition to look out for this year will be Bhangra music from one of the world's top Bhangra producers.
JULY 2012
After June's huge site expansion we have been concentrating on finding new trading partners and are exploring options of taking on suitable sales reps in the UK. More news on this to come.
Meanwhile we are pleased to introduce new tracks from Sky-Rocket favourites Rob Neary and Peter Godfrey which will be added this month, along with the 1st batch of Bhangra tracks by top producer Kam Frantic.
Since August the site has expanded further with new tracks from Sky-Rocket's Peter Godfrey, Wolf Richards, Robert Lowe and Doris Brendel and the additions of new composers Sergey Rybytsky (neo-classical and prog), Kam Frantic (Bhangra), Matt Bosworth (various styles, adverts, TV) and a stand-alone track from Faham (French-African).
This month sees the launch of a new mailing service and we will be offering regular promotions on different categories and later on specific composers in order to encourage more traffic onto the site.
Our first promotion starts 29th October with an offer on all Christmas music. To sign up click HERE.
We are proud to announce a new trading partner this month - Firebrand Magazine and Radio, who are dedicating a page on their website to help promote it's composers and musicians. (MORE)
We are also delighted to welcome Luke Bosworth and Stoney to our family of composers with atmospheric tracks in various categories (see New Music section).
First of all Happy New Year to all artists and clients!
New tracks from Dan Weismayr have been added this month.
We are also in talks with Firebrand PR & Management to work more closely together with artist promotion packages. More news on this to come.
We are delighted to welcome Ilia Jossifov to the Sky-Rocket Music Library. Also new to the library is 'The Last Picture Show' with a powerful rock instrumental.
Work is progressing with Firebrand and the newly formed Skyfire PR and new marketing plans are being developed. More news on this to come.
Just because we haven't posted on this page for a while doesn't mean much hasn't happened!
We have introduced several new composers: Alex Khaskin, LSB, Night Wolf, Sergey Rybytskyy, Asif Ali and Lambros Zanettos in a variety of instrumental genres and styles. Plus new tracks from Peter Godfrey.
Wonderful new vocal artists include Barbwire Tourniquet, Jac Dalton, Colin Fraser and a new track from Consuelo Scivoletto.
We have also added a brand new category: Animation!
Please have a listen and let us know what you think!