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Annual Copyrighting Service

With this product you can copyright unlimited tracks for a 12 month period

What is copyrighting?

Copyrighting acts as your proof in a court of law that you are the original creator of a piece of music or lyrical content.
Imagine you have finally written that hit record, and someone else claims to have written it. Without a copyright to that song you may have a very hard time proving that you were the original creator. Similarly, someone else uses parts of your song in a composition and claims it as their own. You will need proof to dispute it.

So how does it work?

If two people claim to have written the same song, the person who can prove beyond doubt that they wrote it first will be awarded with ownership. Therefore, it is vital to have a tamper-proof dated product to use in court.

What’s next?

Click here to download PDF containing all instructions

Copyright material must be received by Sky-Rocket within 12 months after payment. After that the scheme has to be renewed.